Dear Texas restaurant community:

Like you, we’ve watched with shock and horror as communities in Hawai’i are devastated by wildfires. 

Our hearts go out to every person impacted, and we want our friends in Hawai’i to know that we are here for them today, and we will be there with them as they figure out how to move forward. It’s devastating moments like these that remind us that even if oceans separate us physically, we are one restaurant community.

We know many restaurants are struggling right here in Texas due to the difficult economy. But we also know that many Texans—including restaurant operators, employees, and customers—want to help our neighbors in Hawai’i and don’t necessarily know how to best contribute. So, we’re activating Restaurants Respond® with four suggestions to make it easy for anyone in our community to help as they are able.

You can give online here – If you are looking to financially contribute, please consider a tax-deductible donation to the TX Restaurant Relief Fund. We will coordinate with our partners at the Hawai’i Restaurant Association to ensure every dollar contributed to this effort directly supports the most pressing needs in the community. 

Here are some additional vetted charities supporting Hawai’i relief efforts (Be wary of sham and fraudulent groups): 
World Central Kitchen
Aloha United Way
American Red Cross
Feeding America
Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong
Maui Food Bank
Salvation Army Hawaii

If your business is running any kind of promotion or giving campaign, please send Kelsey a note so we can help you promote it. 

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Thank you in advance for helping in any way that you are able. And please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the generosity of our restaurant community.

Best, Emily & the TRA Team