In recent years, many consumers have ditched high calorie beverages and began demanding healthier alternatives. In fact, customers today pay much closer attention to the ingredients found in the food and beverages they consume. They read the food and beverage labels — and expect reduced sugar, minimally processed ingredients, and fewer artificial sweeteners or flavors. But claims like natural, cane sugar sweetened, and artisanal have been over-looked by some of the big names in the beverage industry. The idea to bring to a stable, great tasting beverage has mostly been ignored — until now. Meeting the demand is Dallas-based beverage company Innobev.

Innobev is a premier beverage provider that brings perfected craftsmanship to the ever-evolving mixology industry. With over a decade of industry experience, they specialize in the development, production, and distribution of a wide array of non-alcoholic beverage products, incorporating innovation with quality and honest pricing.

The company was launched to disrupt the overpriced and outdated products in the beverage industry. Inspired by the people through market input, their superior product lines set them apart from the competition by providing quality products at significantly fair prices. The goal is to change preconceptions about smaller name brands by delivering premium products at the best price.

Serial entrepreneurs and partners Johnny Shavit, Adam Evers and Simon Grinautsky know what it takes to create a successful business. The positive energy that radiates from everyone at their headquarters in Irving, Texas reflects a feeling not often seen or felt in a “corporate environment.” The entire team displayed a bundle of great attributes including enthusiasm, cheerfulness, optimism, and more importantly gratitude. Simply put, this type of energy is shorthand for “positive and outstanding individuals.” This formidable and ethical team delivers superior products and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Despite insurmountable odds, Innobev has a proven track record of providing better products, better prices, and better service. The company primarily focuses on large, on-site venues and beverage distributors seeking to increase revenues.

Their mission is simple — to provide the highest quality ingredients at a fair and honest price. Their complete line of stable bar mixes and beverages are sure to take your non-alcoholic beverage program from “well” to “top-shelf”. Whether you are looking for natural, cane sugar sweetened, or artisanal products, the diverse product lines offer beverages that are ideal for any customer base!

“It’s not about the money, it’s knowing that we provide a better and healthier alternative, and with that I can sleep well at night,” said Evers.

With Innobev products, customers can expect unparalleled taste and maximum mixability. The premium line-up includes delicious Bag-In-A-Box Concentrates, Premium BLUMANIA® Energy Drinks — a line of beverages that bridge the gap between the great taste of soft drinks and the coveted benefits of energy drinks and EXBOX® Premium Mixers.

EZBOX® Bag-in-Box products can be utilized with a range of beverage equipment, including customizable Bar-Gun dispenser systems, All-In-One Fountain drink machines, and juice and other beverage dispensers, providing a convenient and versatile solution for dispensing a wide array of beverage options. Beverage types include Craft Sodas, Juices & Lemonades, Iced-Teas, Energy, Vitamin-Fortified Waters, Daiquiris, FBD-Ready Concentrates, Specialty Beverages, and much more!

BLUMANIA® Energy Features

As a boutique beverage company, they place heavy emphasis on flavors and the overall taste quality of the beverages they provide. By utilizing cutting-edge flavor-enhancement and innovative aftertaste-masking technologies, they have eliminated the bitter aftertaste commonly found in other energy drinks. They have achieved a perfectly balanced flavor profile that delivers a smooth and delicious taste with every sip.

Other BLUMANIA® Features Include:

No bitter vitamin aftertaste — Achieved by utilizing proprietary flavor-blocking technology.

No more heartburn — Reduced number of acids for balanced pH and optimal experience.

No more jitters and crash — All the energy you need without overstimulating your body.

No Preservatives — Products are pasturized instead of adding preservatives during canning.

Lower carbonation — allows for easier and faster consumption.

Attractively Priced — Volume discounts are available for corporate deals.

The company also has an EZBev Tech Division — a full-service mechanical contractor, specializing in commercial beverage systems and comprehensive beverage dispenser solutions. Skilled, factory-trained technicians specialize in custom backroom installations, repair and service of the Bag-in-Box Dispensing Systems, All-In-One Fountain Machines, and other beverage equipment.

Innobev believes that excellent customer service is essential to keeping their clients happy. They take pride in providing the highest quality equipment installations, proactive preventative maintenance, rigorous product quality control, and expedient repairs in the market. Their state-of-the-art beverage equipment is designed to deliver beverages of unparalleled quality and freshness. “We have a 2-hour guarantee, our technicians are always on-call. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service,” said Shavit.

Innobev is an authorized distributor and service center for Lancer, Cornelius, Wunder-Bar, Bunn, McCANN, and Xylem. Today, these global power players cover over 90% of the world’s restaurants, bars, hotels, and convenience stores. Thanks to our partners, we always stay on top of what is trending in the beverage world to ensure you have consistent access to the latest technology for any system of your choice.

For More Information, contact Innobev today to discover why they are the number one choice for all your beverage solution needs. Call(214)-689-9000 or