Proprietors Giuseppe Piccinini, Executive Chef Luigi Iannuario and Riccardo Ravaglia.

A Taste of Authentic Italian Cuisine. Real Italian Food at Its Finest

The Dallas Arts District is home to a La Stella Cucina Verace, a new fine dining restaurant and bar

Deeply rooted in authenticity, tradition, and the finest ingredients, La Stella Cucina Verace is a welcomed addition to the Dallas Arts District. Under the direction of Executive Chef Luigi Iannuario, an Italian-born chef, La Stella offers a combination of modern and old-world Italian dishes. Joining Iannuario in partnership is Riccardo Ravaglia, and Giuseppe Piccinini.

Il Cavaliere alla Nerano – Spaghetti, Provolone Stagionato, Zucchini Pureed, Fried and Sauteed

The bona fide Italian recipes and traditions the restaurant prides itself on have been passed down through generations. From Iannuario’s treasured family memories, La Stella preserves and honors the wistfulness of his Italian roots and is a precise representation of Italian lifestyle, food, flavor, and décor.

They offer a wide variety of antipasti plates including meats, cheeses, seafood, shellfish, and bread. Che Burrata – is a satisfying bite of buttery Burrata — a soft Italian cheese, Sicilian sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, leeks, and garlic chips. From the delicate creaminess of the cheese, along with the perfect balance of vegetables, herbs, and spices, this combination of ingredients is extremely well crafted.

U’ Purp – Sous Vide Mediterranean Octopus, Charred, Italian Olives, Potatoes, ‘Nduja

Torre di Crostacei – Lobster, Shrimp, Crab, Oysters
and Traditional Sauce

The tradition of authentic Italian dishes continues with assorted main courses that include delectable pasta and flavorful protein selections. A definitive example of classic Italian cuisine fused with a modern twist is the short rigatoni pasta. It’s served with tomato and white wine braised oxtail sauce and mixed cheeses. A perfect combination of classic flavors with a modern twist.

Astacus – Imported Pasta from Gragnano Napoli, Maine Lobster Fra Daviolo, Brodetto, Fresh Herb, Tomato

Risotto Oro – Aged Acquerello Rice, Spanish Saffron, 36 Months Parmigiano Reggiano, Edible Gold, Roasted Bone Marrow

Other succulent dishes include short ribs, grilled giant prawns, and gnocchi gratin are just a small part of the exceptional line-up. Chefs will be dry aging their own meats, including imported prosciutto, which will be sliced table-side before serving. A selection of a la carte vegetables includes asparagus, fingerling potatoes, local seasonal wild mushrooms, and broccoli rabe.

Cannolo – Ricotta Gelato, Dark Chocolate Tuile, Candied Orange Peels, Pistachio Sauce, Chocolate Chip

Tempting and indulgent desserts will round out your meal. From tiramisu to semifreddo and gelato to seasonal assortments, you really can’t go wrong with any of the decadent desserts.

If by chance you have trouble deciding on which mouthwatering selection to choose from, the wait staff is knowledgeable, attentive, and extremely helpful. In addition, they are professional, yet friendly and very accommodating.

The restaurant includes a well-stocked centerpiece bar, with an impressive wine list and cocktail program to perfectly pair with each exquisite dish. The ambiance is elegant, yet relaxed, with cozy booth and table seating that is exceptionally comfortable.

For those who have a fondness for the finer things in life, La Stella’s also offers Il Club dei Fondatori, an exclusive Founder’s Club membership for the quintessential world-class experience. Membership has numerous perks and benefits including priority reservations, special seating, and private party bookings. Complimentary wine consultation, complimentary executive Uber (within a 5-mile radius) are also included in the membership. Several other advantages are offered. Formore information on this service, email

Finally, the cuisine at La Stella is both flavorful and satisfying. The selection of fresh, high-quality ingredients is an effortless way to enjoy the flavors and aromas of rustic Italy. This memorable dining experience of authentic and distinctive dishes will satisfy the most discerning palette.

Close friends and proprietors of La Stella each share an extensive history of notoriety and great success. Giuseppe Piccinini, is a real estate mogul, and owner of Vesuvius Holdings which is the Venture Capital company of La Stella. Riccardo Ravaglia, is a warm and a seasoned world-class hospitality professional. He serves as managing partner and maître d’. Executive Chef Luigi Iannuario, has worked at Michelin restaurants in Europe. His culinary creations at La Stella focus on authentic Italian dishes with a modern and upscale flair.

La Stella is by far, one of the best new restaurants to open in Dallas this year. Buon appetito! – “Enjoy your meal”

La Stella Cucina Verace is located at 2330 Flora Street, #150, Dallas, TX 75201. Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling 469-663-7800 or online They are open Monday – Thursday 4:30pm – 10:00pm; Friday – Saturday 4:30pm – 12:00am and closed Sundays.

By Gina Wiklund